Sessions with Mistress Marta:

If you are going to serve me, a real sadistic and strict classical Mistress , the only possible way for you is to be kind and polite on your first contact to me by Email

I have created different types of experiences that suit me particularly:

Classical and/or strict ( 1 Hour )

1 hour sessions are available. Try to impress me – your communication should be clear and concise and make an impression. Don’t annoy me - watch your speak - otherwise your inquiry will be deleted and you get blocked


3 Hours

The experience can be very sensuous or intense and cruel – or why not all? We will discuss areas of interest in advance, maybe a perfect planned role-play? Or just strict education and punishment?

Overnight 5 to 9 Hours

Ever wanted to feel helpless – in absolute power of your Mistress that maybe even does not speak your language? Not knowing what you can expect? Just knowing that there is no escape - no mercy? Losing time and senses?


Even if I see my self as a classical, strict Mistress I really like to introduce beginners to the wonderful world of BDSM - on our appointment don’t be shy. Think about what it is that excites you. List a couple of ideas and share with Me any experience you do or wish to have.


My tribute is not negotiable. I do not swap My services for yours.

Deposit ( required on longterm and travel ): I will take 50% of my session fee as I do not wish to have my time wasted.



Please make initial contact by email only. Be very polite, and clearly state your name, age and nationality. Although I prefer to see people with references, I’m very willing to see new people who present themselves to me very well. I’m old school, I love a charming man, boring or non-open-minded people have no place in my life. I adore mature, charming, well-educated and of course real kinky gentlemen.

If you are curious about me, please contact me by Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If there will be a progress in our conversation we will go on with phone conversation.


If you make an appointment and don't appear you will be blocked - there will be absolutely no second chance!